TV Spotlight: Legends of Tomorrow Today

In recent years, there seems to be nothing I find more enjoyable than two things: comics and British television.


Today, I will be talking about the happy marriage of these two things in the most recent CW show, Legends of Tomorrow. This show is run at 7 at night here and I have decided to see of my daughters will watch with me.

Based on this premise the pilot was a stirring success in that both daughters seemed entertained and drawn in. They asked questions about these characters and of course noticed that Rory from Doctor Who was a main character. And a time traveller to boot.

I am a bit behind in Arrow and The Flash but I still felt that this was a very accessible entry point into the new show. Some of the characters are more familiar to me in this television universe than others but the pilot has given a good idea of what makes each of them tick and what they bring to the table.

I can honestly say that we will be watching this show when it airs each week and look forward to seeing the characters develop throughout the season. White Canary was an awesome character from her time on Arrow and Cold and Heatwave are a fun pair of villains from The Flash.

This show was my first introduction to the Hawks and their story looks to be an interesting spin through time. The other duo of Firestorm also appears to have a fun dynamic while Atom’s search for his place on history adds a little angst to the proceedings.

Overall, this show is well-cast and seems to be off to a fun start. I’ll be here all season hoping the rest of the ride is as entertaining.


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