COC Spotlight: Where is Jake Ellis? No really, where is he?

Welcome back to a brand new year and a brand new COC. Today I will be looking at Where Is Jake Ellis issue 5.


This issue is brought to you by Nathan Edmondson as well as Tonci Zonjic and Jordan Gibson handling art duties. This 5 issue mini is the follow up to Who Is Jake Ellis, which was also previously put out by Image Comics.

In the first series, readers followed the adventures of a CIA analyst named Jon Moore. He was on the run from a shady Jason Bourne style organization. He manages to survive in no small part thanks to a voice and ghostly presence in his head named Jake Ellis.

Throughout both series, both characters have struggled to stay ahead of those hunting them and survive. The writing has managed to keep readers on edge while also providing some great action.

The ending to Where Is Jake Ellis 5 brings the story full circle in regards to the relationship between Jon and Jake. It also leaves things in a spot where the creative team could come back and tell more stories in this world that blends the gritty real world with some sci-fi supernatural elements.

Meanwhile the art and this series has been able to provide that real world gritty feel and show the weight of the main characters’ situation. There are times where the atmosphere is really rendered heavy and more intense by the art and coloring combo.

I will be interested to see if there are any future announcements from Image and the creative team regarding a new series set in the Jake Ellis series.


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