COC Spotlight: SuperMansion and The League of Funny

For today’s Creator-Owned spotlight, we will switch from comics to cartoons(I had to make the COC acronym work).


Without further ado, let’s take a look at the new Robot Chicken style animation that Crackle has to offer with SuperMansion. This show was created by Matt Senreich and Zeb Wells and keeps me coming back for more every Thursday.

This show centers around a fictional group of superheroes known as the League of Freedom. The team is government funded but usual finds itself on the chopping block for budget cuts. Many of the episodes center around the Bryan Cranston voiced Titanium Rex trying to herd the other cats (some literal) on his team in order to impress the government looking to retire his team.

His team consists of the man out of time American Ranger voiced by the hilarious Keegan-Michael Key, grim and gritty gadget using Black Saturn by Tucker Gilmore, Heidi Gardner as the aforementioned feline Cooch, Tom Root as the debt-ridden strongman Brad, and Zeb Wells as the artificial Jewbot formerly known as Robobot.

This original series uses some familiar comic book archetypes but the creators add fun twists to each hero to show how messed up they are. As a result, hilarity ensues.

As of yesterday, episode 5 was released on Crackle, and since every episode is free, you have absolutely no reason not to give it a watch. This show is as well put together as Robot Chicken and has the same sick sense of humor.

I don’t want to spoil this for anyone  but some of the funny moments include a 1940’s minded American Ranger having a chance encounter with the President, Black Saturn stalking a supposedly reformed villain, and the mutated feline Cooch trying to earn her GED.

The more I think about it, this show is so funny because of the way the writers mix the mundane everyday life with these over the top super characters. Whether it be an education setting, a conference, or a trip to the supermarket, there is no limit to the hijinks the team can get into.

Episode 6 comes out next Thursday on Crackle. I’ll be there. I recommend you all catch up so you can experience every episode before then.


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