Disney D23 or “Oh Boy(ega), what a tease

I have been absent as of late due to some brutal bronchitis that has turned me into a rattled breathing, coughing till it hurts mess. I apologize to whoever may check this blog out. But I am finally on the mend and hope to have more regular content coming at ya.

So what could possibly get me off my deathbed more than Star Wars and all the goodies Disney has been sending our way lately. In the last week we got our first look at Mark Hamill as Luke and I am a huge fan of that character.

But this official poster was something. It punched me right in the brain and really made me connect some dots.

I have been desperately trying to avoid spoilers but my excitement for this movie has made me read certain sites. One rumor I recall that likely came from Make Star Wars was that Domnhall Gleasonay be Skywalker’s son who was on the opposite side of his father.

This new poster though makes it look like John Boyega’s Finn is carrying the Skywalker family heirloom from the trailer, which spoiler alert, was last seen falling down cloud city with Luke’s severed hand.

We also know that Finn starts out as a stormtrooper. Could this be the source of the rumor? Does Finn escape the First Order and meet his destiny to fight for the rebellion as Luke once did.

Who knows? Honestly, this is just speculation and I could be completely wrong. But if he is Luke’s son. If he is, then this is a genius move by JJ Abrams and crew.

The misdirection had everyone looking at and thinking that Daisy Ridley’s Rey would be the Skywalker either by Luke or Leia. And who knows, maybe she is. Maybe they’re cousins looking for the last Jedi. But this misdirection came from so many angles. People suggested that Finn was Solo’s son based on a reveal in the Marvel Star Wars series. We thought Rey was a Skywalker. People don’t always like how Abrams plays things close to the vest, but his methodology for these teases must be drumming up excitement in Star Wars fans.

All I know is that I have been all in since the first tease. I am beyond stoked to see what the new players bring. And my confidence in this production has never been higher.

The Force will be with you… Always.