My Origin Story – Bitten by a Radioactive Comic Book

Today I thought would be a fun exercise in sharing my origin story with you comic book loving world.

My story starts out when I could barely even read (at least more than a few weeks ago) and on trips to one of my mother’s doctors. It may have been a general doctor or a chiropractor, but that’s not as important as the result.

Within the office was a Green Lantern comic that the doctor would let me keep when he saw how it was the only thing in the office I was interested in. I don’t know the issue number as the issue had been read to pieces years ago. I do know that it starred Hal Jordan (to this day my favorite GL), referenced a power battery exploding in Guy Gardner’s face, and had a back up featuring the Golden Age Sandman in full gas mask glory.

On a personal note if anyone knows the issue in question feel free to drop me a line.

This was one of my first experiences with comic books. Years later I recall seeing an HBO special (you know the series with an episode of Ben Affleck on steroids). This one in particular was about a boy named Joey DiPaolo who had contracted HIV from a blood transfusion.

While I had no idea in 1992 what HIV was, my young self learned about it and the main character, Joey, and the way he and his friends looked up to a blind superhero called Daredevil. This was around the time that I started getting into the X-Men as well, when my older brother and I would ride our bikes down to the local hobby shop to pick up comics.

As you can see, slowly but surely I was being pulled deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole as I discovered these characters across multiple media. The final push would come in the summer of my 3rd grade year.

This is the issue that sealed it

A friend of my older brother was visiting from out of state that summer. One day he came home with an issue titled Brigade, which I had never heard of. What’s more it was from a publisher called Image and its creator, Rob Liefeld, who I had previously seen on X-Force.

But man, this issue was something else for my young self. I would sneak in and read the issue when my brother and his friend were out until I managed to get my own copy. The issue was something I had not seen before. Insane action and a scene where Seahawk, the character on the cover of issue 2, impaled his helmet through his opponent. His fricking helmet!

I didn’t see this in the other comics I was getting and it sucked me in completely. All my allowance went toward picking up issues of Brigade in multiple comic pack from the CVS, Toys R’ Us and my local comic shop.

It’s 22 years later and I still love comics. I love Image and the indie publishers and artists out there. Ok maybe I wasn’t bitten by a radioactive comic, but a chrome covered one captured my imagination.

I thought this post would be a bit fun in preparation for this week. It’s SDCC and while I still haven’t made it out to that comic book mecca, I will be heading to the comic shop and picking up a new issue of Bloodstrike from Rob Liefeld and Image.

You can look forward to a new COC this week. For those of you who made it out to SDCC, enjoy it, soak it in. For those of you like me, at least it’s new comic book day tomorrow. And we can all enjoy that.

P.S. I do still have Brigade issue 2 and I still love it.


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