COC Spotlight: What’s the Scam Part 2

Characters and Creators

Welcome back to the second part of our spotlight on Joe Mulvey’s Scam, which was released through Comixtribe. In this section we will be focusing on some stories from the Scamthology collection part of the book. All creators even of stories not spotlighted will be listed at the end.

The first story we look at features Midas in a story called Withdrawal Symptoms. This story is written by Jamie Gambell with art and colors by Daniel Picciotto and Miguel Marques respectively. We start with a little backstory as Midas is paying for the mistakes of family and intends to pull a bank robbery to clear some debt.

This story paints Midas as a decent man who uses his ability to render objects invisible to thwart other bank robbers and decide what course his life will take. There are a few short stories in this collection that make Midas a very fleshed out and likable character in addition to this one.

The next character to get a spotlight is Hack in a story called The Nut Job written by Tyler James. The art is handled by Wil Robson with Dessi Cakra on colors.

This is a clever story where Hack who is shown in Scam as a bit paranoid and neurotic at times is in a therapy session. The art shows off Hack’s supervision powers to great effect while also providing a clever way to show how resourceful the crew is in coming up with scams.

The next short story to look at is a fun take on the Scam Universe in A Scam Fairy Tale written by Amy Chu. The art to the opening and ending is provided by Joe Mulvey as Pint, Michelle and Tru walk in and convince their bartender friend to tell his niece and nephew a story.

What happens next is art by the talented Charles Paul Wilson III of Stuff of Legends fame and his plushy style telling of Red Riding Hood and her battle with a very Crosswords looking big bad wolf. Hilarity ensues and there is a great use of craft beer in the story.

This is a fun story and the whole team knocks it out of the park. Ryan Lee colors over Mulvey while CP Wilson colors his own work to differentiate the two stories nicely. The lettering is also expertly handled by Marshall Dillon to great and interesting effect.

The final story to spotlight is the wonderful My Name is Pint written by Josh Flanagan with art by Doug Hills and colors by Hugo Froes.

This story centers on the character of Pint who usually brings the humor. If I’m honest, this is my favorite character and story as it reminds me of my college years. I would dive into my drinks like a swimming pool without fear thanks to my immortality. This story serves to remind me of my actual lack of immortality and my achey liver.

The set-up is brilliant as Flanagan pits a character with alcohol fueled strength in the contradictory setting of an AA meeting. The art is wonderful and shows the character and his thoughts.

I don’t want to spoil the ending since it is so wonderfully done and shows how the person we con most is ourselves.

List of Scamthology Creators

This will be it for our COC spotlight on Scam. I hope you enjoyed the experience and I will be touching back with Comixtribe in the future. I also have my eye out for Mulvey’s Couter Terror release through that publisher which looks incredibly interesting.

Join us next installment where I will be looking at Wynter issue 1 from New Worlds Comics.


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