COC Spotlight: What’s the Scam Part 1


Welcome to our very first COC (Creator-Owned Comics) Spotlight, we’ll be taking a look at the Scam Ultimate Edition Hardcover from creator Joe Mulvey and published by Comixtribe.

This is a packed hardcover so we’ll break this up by first looking at the Scam miniseries, which is the main story. Joe Mulvey provides art and writing with the excellent colors of Chris Sotomayor. The lettering is handled by Deron Bennet and AndWorld Designs.

The tagline of the series is “Imagine you had super powers…in Vegas.”

Slight spoiler but this has nothing to do with throwing on tights(so uncomfortable) and fighting crime. The characters in Scam instead are a group of conmen pulling off a heist that would have Danny Ocean taking notes.

When I first met Joe, he sold me on the idea of Scam by saying that the powers the characters use come with a catch. These aren’t heroes without limits blasting away. Instead there is a downside to using the power that takes its toll. After reading this story, you may realize that the liver of one character would agree.

Action, mystery, humor, and mayhem ensue through twists and turns as various conmen try to pull one over on the other. There is even a colorful villain, Crosswords, who you guessed it, has a mask that looks like a crossword puzzle concealing his identity. And boy, there are scenes in issue 2 that will make you see what a villain he is.

See, I told you he had a crosswords mask

The story is a lot of fun and the art is a perfect fit. The backgrounds especially of the city look realistic and the characters are all drawn in a way that easily differentiates them from one another. I really believe that Mulvey does well with the expressions of characters in the quieter scenes, while providing kinetic art for the action. After all these are super powered conmen so they’re bound to flex their muscles when their plan leads them to danger.

The coloring is very complimentary to the art. Sotomayor’s colors really pop during scenes in sunny Vegas. At times, there are certain shades and hues that really lend to the atmosphere such as when the characters find themselves in a dark place.

I’ll admit I’m not an expert on lettering, but after years of reading comics I can say that it is always clear who is talking, the sound effects on the action add impact to every scene. Bennet and AndWorld are a great fit to round out this comic and make it a real visual treat.

This 5 issue mini alone is worth the price of admission alone for this beautifully packaged hardcover. Honestly, if you haven’t bought a hardcover from Comixtribe yet, you are missing out on one of the finest products on the market.

The world building done in this 256 page oversized hardcover leaves me hungry for more. Luckily, a Scamthology is included in this collection, which gives more stories and insights into the lives of these characters from a who’s who of the comic book industry.

This is such a big book with so much bang for your buck that it would be a disservice not to break this up into 2 parts. So come on back, pull up a stool and grab a Pint as we pick a few stories that highlight some of the wonderful characters in this series.

Till next time, keep an eye out for our COCS.


Comics, comics everywhere but not a drop to drink

This is it! After hemming and hawing (who really knows what that means), I have finally settled in to start writing about something that has been near and dear to me for years. Comic books!

From time to time, I will set out to post my musings and reviews on various series I’m reading, but really I hope to introduce people to some great series out there that don’t get the attention they deserve.

To all you indie creators looking for a spotlight, I’d love to feature you in in our COC (Creator-Owned Comics) Spotlight.

You put a lot of hard work into it and the world deserves to know about your COC. And I will do my part to make it happen.

Shoot me an email or message and I will look into your work and shine a light. While I may be a a bit irreverent at times, I see a lot in the world outside of comics that is a great place for creativity and new concepts.

If you’re reading this you love comics like I do and know there’s a huge world outside the big two that needs some love.